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platinum vase with sand base

platinum vase with sand base

h 24cm

this pot is made from an iron-rich
stoneware clay.
I get it in unrefined state directly from the deposit
and refine it at my studio,
leaving a lot of small and medium size particles of
quartz and limonite (a type of iron ore) in the clay.
they give it an interesting texture and add character
to the simple shape of this vessel.
for this piece I created a base of fired sand.
it is fused to the bottom and because there is a little
flux mixed in with the sand it will also not crumble
away over time.
the roughness of the sand base balances the sleek gloss
of the platinum luster coating on the outside of the vase.
the inside is covered with a glaze containing
a high percentage of metallic oxides and has
a structured surface, almost like wrinkles.
the platinum overglaze contains the actual precious metal