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kohiki four legged vase

kohiki four legged vase

h 40cm

the vase is made from an iron rich clay
that is found close to my studio.
there is a layer of sand deposit in the same location
and I mix that sand with the clay to make it shorter.
it cannot withstand reduction firing,
so this is the rare product that I fire in oxidation.
the piece is dipped in porcelain slip
and after bisque firing covered with a clear glaze
made from reed ash, apple wood ash and feldspar.
the glaze firing reaches only about 1150C.
the vase is fired on a support that looks like a trimming chuck.
it has a kick-wheel thrown, spherical body and a narrow,
also wheel-thrown neck.
the legs and the handle-like section that connects
the top of the neck with the body
are coils that are partly hollowed out.
the impurities in the clay show through the slip and glaze
and create a slightly rough surface.
this, in combination with the mattish glaze, give the vase
a subdued appearance, balancing the extravagant shape