other shapes
matthias kaiser ceramics



these cups really showcase the nature of my
porcelain clay very well.
it differs in many respects from the boring
store-bought porcelains clays.
being shorter (meaning that it has a higher
silica content) it is fit both for throwing and
for slab building.
when trimmed, the surface is not quite as
smooth as with commercial porcelain clays,
but displays a rougher, grainier texture.
the japanese term tsuchiagi describes this best,
it literally means "the taste of the clay" but is
better understood as "clay aesthetics".
one of the characteristics of my porcelain is
that it reveals the making process to a high
degree in its appearance, although this is
of course also a matter of workmanship.
this is an aesthetic clay, not to mention the
glaze, and they interact in a way that makes
even a simple white cup lively and colourful.
these cups are thrown off the hump on the
kick-wheel and have a trimmed foot and lower wall.
in the trimmed areas reduction fire did not take
hold in some places, leaving them a lighter
oxidised colour and creating a wonderful
mottled effect.
they can be used for tea, coffee, water, juice,
even beer and wine