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matthias kaiser ceramics
assembled pitcher

assembled pitcher

h 18cm

this is a complex piece assembled from a total of 5 parts.
the base up to the pronounced step is an untrimmed
cylinder with a flat bottom.
shoulder and neck have been added on top.
the rim is thicker than the wall and also visually
seperated by a step.
the opening has been almost half-way closed with
a slab-roof to prevent liquid or ice cubes from
spilling over the top.
the spout is made from a little vessel cut in half,
with the lip fashioned for drip-free pouring.
there´s also a built-in sieve at the base of the spout,
like in a teapot.
this is an arcitectural piece that is well-balanced
despite its elaborate construction.
use it for ice-tea, lemonade, water and the like