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matthias kaiser ceramics
sand and stone porcelain cup

sand and stone porcelain cup

h 10cm

when I dig and refine clay from a local deposit,
coarse grains of sand and even some small stones
are extracted from the clay during the process.
these screenings were added to an amount of
porcelain clay and thrown into cups.
the large mesh size of the particles influences the
throwing and is reflected in the shape.
these cups are glazed only about halfway down
on the outside, but fired with lots of large seashells
wedged in between the cups in the kiln.
where the calcium from the combusted shells
has combined with the clay, a natural glaze or
orange-brownish flashes have appeared.
the overall impression is heterogenous,
displaying a different landscape from every angle.
although hard elements were added to the body,
an image of softness was created