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teapot with celadon glaze and cane handle

teapot with celadon glaze and cane handle

h without handle 14cm

this porcelain teapot is glazed with a celadon glaze
instead of my standard transparent glaze.
celadon glazes need to be fired in a reducing atmosphere,
meaning that the oxygen supply for the fire is
artificially limited.
this can only be done in wood or gas kilns.
in electric kilns there´s no actual flame, only heat,
so the firing atmosphere cannot be influenced.
celadon glazes contain a little bit of iron, which
colours the glaze.
in an oxidising atmosphere this would be a light brown,
but the reduction process causes a reaction that
produces a shade of green.
the lack of oxygen prompts the fire to seek out any
oxygen it can find, taking it from the ware inside
the kiln and thereby transforming the iron.
this celadon glaze contains feldspar, apple wood ash,
reed ash, china clay and ferreous sand (the iron source).
the body of the teapot has two pairs of incised lines
that are a counterweight to the tall form and also
draw attention to lugs and spout.
the cane handle is a custom-made piece from
Auroville, India