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digital chawan

digital chawan

Ř 10cm

this piece is the result of a collaboration
with czech glass engraver Pavlína Čambalová.
a bowl made from pure white porcelain,
with faceting around the rim and glazed
with a dark tenmoku glaze.
after the glaze firing, when the piece would
normally be finished and ready to use,
Pavlína engraved two digits into the glaze,
a 0 and a 1 in two of the faceted panels
roughly opposite of each other.
she used a variety of tools, like copper wheels, diamonds
and stones. thus, the underlying porcelain colour
was exposed for striking contrast.
the art of glass engraving has a long tradition in the
czech republic and is still alive and well today.
ceramic glaze is essentially glass, only covering a
clay structure, and can be engraved.
it´s an exacting and time consuming process,
engraving one digit takes about half an hour